ESP32 Arduino CAN Wifi interface, logger, and development platform

Transmitter to multiple microDisplays and phone apps

Starting at $89 -order here-
(Read manual and confirm bus connection before order. Allow extra time--hand soldered to order.)



Three versions:

  1. Model 3/Y Chassis Bus - plug and play under seat
  2. OBD CAN/Powertrain bus - requires purchase of OBD Y cable to be installed behind center console.
  3. Generic with DB9 CAN connector and external 12v supply
Popular signals and which bus they are on are documented here.


Example base configuration:
- One OBD powertrain CANserver plus one microDisplay - view one parameter on your dash - $150


My configuration: $433


Wireless CAN lab monitor:
- One generic DB9 CANserver, one microDisplay, two AlpaNumeric LED modules - view several parameters from your equipment - $TBD coming soon


CANserver Gen 2 coming soon:
- Supports optional second CAN bus, so can read all data at once and save to logs etc
- Nicer SD card slot, some more IO to tinker with, other fixes


Technical info/FAQs:

Code and details can be found at the CANServer Github repository

- Read the CANserver manual on GitHub -