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White Turn Signal Mod

As with many cars, stock front side turn signal lenses are orange. However the orange stands out from the rest of the body, especially on an otherwise all silver Focus such as mine. This is a popular mod that replaces the lens with a diffused clear lens ("Clear Corners"). These are easily found online in both the APC diffused style shown here as well as another brand's completely clear style. The lamp is replaced with an amber lamp to stay legal (however looks pretty cool with hyperwhites); they were included with my order from Modern. These would also look good on a black Focus after tinted with Nightshades.

Price: $39.99
Time: 20 minutes
Tools: Wrench or pliars
Parts: APC Ford Focus Clear Bumper Lenses (or similar), amber turn signal bulbs

1. Get on your back and look under your front fender, pictured below. Locate the inside of the turn signal.

2. Locate the two bolts securing the stock lenses (circled above). Use the wrench to unscrew them. Save the bolts for later.

3. Push in on the two tabs near the posts that the bolts were screwed onto, and push the lens out through the bumper.

4. Get out from under the car. Remove the light & wire from the lens by twisting it (counterclockwise?) 1/4 turn. It will unlock and separate.

5. Pull out the stock light bulb and replace with amber bulb.

6. Remove plastic wrap and "L" or "R" sticker from the corresponding clear lens.

7. Plug in the light/wire assembly into the new lens by locking it in with the opposite 1/4 turn. Note one of the four ridges is wider, it needs to be aligned with the wider cut in the lens to go in.

8. Push the new turn signal into its hole. Unfortunately it may not fit perfectly. Try to fit it as best as possible.

9. Get back under the car and screw the bolts onto the posts of the new lenses. Note the new posts are not threaded. The bolts will cut into them and thread themselves as you screw them on. Be sure not to overtighten them.

10. All done! Make sure the light is seated right and test to make sure the blinker works. Then repeat for the other side.

Before & after.


Updated 6/26/2001
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