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Fog Light Mod

The Fog Light Mod enables your fog lights to be on while only the parking lights are on. The light switch pulls out for this, but in the stock Focus this is disabled with a relay that only allows the foglights to come on when the headlights are on. This mod originated at FocalJet.

Price: FREE
Time: 5 minutes
Parts: an inch of wire
Tools: wire cutter/stripper

1. Open your hood and the power distribution fuse box.

2. Use the fuse/relay puller on the lid to pull out Relay #13 (you'll need to pull pretty hard).

3. Cut a 1-inch piece of decently thick wire (14 guage is nice, I used two pieces of thinner wire), and strip the ends.

4. Push the wire ends in to connect the two parallel sockets parallel to the side of the car (not the 3 parallel ones).

5. Close everything up. Keep the relay in case you need to replace it for inspection or service.

Before: The power distribution fuse box

After: Wire(s) replacing the relay

Looks mean doesn't it?


Updated 5/6/2001
© 2001 Josh Wardell