Josh Wardell's Ford Focus Mods
OBX Type-R Pedal Covers

If you've ever looked at the stock Focus pedals as I do every time I get in, you'll notice how bland they are. Aftermarket pedal covers are a popular interior dressup and may even allow heel/toe driving. However the Focus's strange curved gas pedal poses a problem for any pedal set not made specifically for it. I did not like the few pedal sets made specifically for the focus so I took a chance with some on eBay. Sadly the model is called Type-R and that horrid logo is on the pedals but is unnoticable. In case you were wondering, the packaging futher describes the "Exciting Driving Gear Sports Interface:" The highest mechanism is born from the highly sensitive technology and advanced techniques please enjoy the advanced technology with rich humanity developed by OBX.

Price: $30
Time: 30 minutes
Tools: Screwdriver, hammer, drill
Parts: Pedals with included hardware

1. The gas pedal cover has to be bent so it will have a closer fit to the Focus's pedal. At the crossing of each hole/plastic insert (where the metal is weakest), I placed the pedal with some folded paper under it on the edge of a curb. Then, holding the back with my hand, and covering the front with more folded paper, I hit the pedal with the hammer to bend it slightly at each point. Bending it too much will cause the chrome to crack off so be careful. Below is the end result, still not as curved as the pedal but good enough.

2. Mount the gas pedal cover so that the bottom screw hole is as low as possible but still over the pedal. Predrill the hole, then screw in the bottom screw. Mount the bottom two retaining clips. I could not bend the pedal enough to use the top two, however I used the second screw in the middle of the pedal at the base of one of the center holes to prevent it from rotating.

3. Mount the remaining pedals using the included retaining brackets. Make sure they're very tight or they will work their way off. I did not mount the dead pedal but this requires drilling through and screwing into the floor.

Before & after


Updated 9/10/2001
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