Josh Wardell's Ford Focus
Sirius Satellite Radio

I'm crazy about music, and nothing makes me crazier than bad music or commercials while driving. In May of 2003 I finally broke down and decided to get satellite radio, after listening to mp3 CDs for so long had put me out of touch with new music. After deciding on Sirius vs. XM because of its 100% commercial free music and slightly better channel selection, I went with the Clarion system because its looks best matched my head unit. I then decided to embed it in the dash in place of the never-used "snot box" next to the instruments; easier to see and operate without taking your eyes off the road. After nearly a year, I think I can dub this my favorite mod!

Price: $159.98
Time: Several hours!
Parts: Clarion DSC920 Sirius satellite receiver and remote control unit, antenna.

Why mount the antenna on the roof? It works great on the back deck, and is easily wired through to the trunk:

The receiver box was hidden in the empty area behind the glove compartment. This allowed easy connection to the head unit too. After many hours with a dremel, I mounted the remote next to the instrument cluster, flush with the dash.

And at night it looks great!

Sirius Satellite Radio


Updated 4/11/2004
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