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Enkei RS6 Wheels

One of the most significant car appearance upgrades you can make is to add a nice set of aftermarket wheels. The looks are probably the largest reason people get wheels, but most forget about the safety. The stock tires are all-season, which means they are only mediocre in any condition. By getting summer street/rain tires and switching back to stock wheels for winter (even better with winter tires on them), you'll notice a signficant difference in traction, which is the most important safety feature of any car. My tires now no longer slip when accelerating in first, nor while cornering in two inches of standing water!

Price: $1200.00
Time: 60 minutes
Parts: Enkei RS6 17x7 rims, Yokohama Parada 205/45/17 tires, locking nuts.

Before & after.

Close up.


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Updated 9/10/2001
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