Tiny WiFi dash gauges for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Connects to a CANserver

Early DIY-er version*: $59 -order here-

*Lower introductory pricing because it's not yet super simple, requires ability to program via Arduino. Stay tuned for future phone app/web setup and a case in the future. You can help improve software on Github.



  - Read the manual for details


Options - Order here in the store

microDisplay + power connector + USB cable - $59

24-LED Bargraph - must specify left or right - $39

Left power with button and/or LED - $19

Right button and/or LED - $19

Coming soon - Alphanumeric LEDs, and a 12v accessory relay module


Example base configuration:
- One OBD powertrain CANserver plus one microDisplay - view one parameter on your dash - $150


My configuration: $433

Notes on the future:

Most software improvements should occur on the CANserver which is Arduino programmable. The display should be feature complete and not need updates, but I may elect to swap if something pops up. Eventually perhaps it can all be updated by a fancy phone app or web page.

Command set and technical documentation is included on the CANserver Github.

Jumpers on the back set display and server number - leftmost for sever 2, right two set display #0-3.

Walkthrough and setup: