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jwardell.syr.edu and the Pearl Jam Archive are now history.

I had an incredible time at the Chicago show. 30 songs, 2.5 hours! It was great to hear Leatherman live, as well as Crazy Mary where Ed jumped into the first row and passed his bottle (of wine) around. Rearviewmirror was the best ever, with the lights seemingly joined in with the crowd. I had great seats in the 19th row. No meeting Ed like that last show though. Word is that this Baba O'Reiley has a good chance of going on an upcoming album! I can't wait for the bootleg.

As you know I am now living outside of Chicago. I am out of college, and no longer have that great T3 to spread the Jam with. The site served its time in history and is now retired. It's been a great four years, thanks go out to every visitor. Who knows, maybe I will make something out of this page some day, but for now it will stand in remembrance.

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