Josh Wardell's MINI
The Boot

Here's what I normally store in my Boot. You never know what you'll need. In a month of owning the MINI, I've already used every single thing!


MINI Rear Saddle Bag $119.00us
Mini fridge from Target $30.00us

The Saddle bag is a great MINI accessory that sucks up most of my small items. In the left goes my tool pouch and a small can of WD-40. Middle contains an AC inverter and some rags. Right pocket holds my driving light covers.

I picked up that car tool set from KMart for $6. All I added were the pliars. It comes with a ratchet driver with philips, flat-head, and Torx bits. Several sockets, a set of hex keys. Needle-nose pliars/wire cutters, razor blade, flashlight, assorted auto fuses, electrical tape and zip-ties. So far it's covered every screw I've come across in the MINI.

On the floor, the standard jack is hiding there. A nice cheap folding chair is always great for MINI meets. A small plastic basket is hiding back there with an air compressor, jumper cables, and of course a roll of duct tape. There's also an adjustable-length bungie cord. The big blue thing is a mini fridge! $30 from target, it plugs into the wonderful boot lighter socket, and can do cold or hot!

Hiding in the right panel is the HK amp, in the left panel is the MINI tool kit and Sirius receiver. And of course the battery underneath it all.

updated 7/16/04 ©Josh Wardell