Blog Moving

Posted on Sunday 12 December 2010 at 2:48 am

I’ve integrated MINI-related posts into my general blog-please update your links and RSS feeds! Clearly the frequency of posting here has dropped due to less time, less MINI-activity, and nothing much new in general. Instead of monitoring this page, you can instead watch my general blog. Understandably, you may not be interested in my photography and other posts, so you can view and subscribe to just MINI-related posts. I would recommend you do watch all car-related posts, however, in case I don’t tag general topics such as car care as MINI-specific.
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100,000 Miles

Posted on Wednesday 30 June 2010 at 12:26 am

On the way home from MINIsOnTop this past Sunday, my MINI finally hit 100,000 miles! (You may have spotted it at the end of the MOT video) It’s hard to believe that I’ve owned it for over six years. The MINI was my daily driver for the majority of that time, through every season and condition. It’s been very reliable for the most part. In fact, if I can ever get the time to give it its yearly polish and wax, it’s still looking pretty much like new. Not many other cars can say that. And of course no other car has offered so many smiles over 100,000 miles.

If I had not slowed to driving the MINI for two days a week after getting the 1-Series, I probably would have hit 100,000 back in November. After so many long commutes building the majority of the miles over just the last three years, I had to give the MINI some rest. It is still in good shape for the most part, and once I can afford to do some maintenance, hopefully I can get it back to better-than-new condition (probably due for new suspension, better brakes, etc). Sadly what is feeling even older is the MINI community in general. The forums have died down, the twice-monthly drives have disappeared, and my own spare time has vanished. I wish I could go back to washing it every weekend as I did in the fist few years. But what a great time it has been over these years and miles, so much fun was had, and I did not regret a single thing with my MINI. More significantly were the many great friends made because of it. I only hope it continues for years to come.

MINIsOnTop 2010 – Video

Posted on Sunday 27 June 2010 at 11:40 pm

Another successful MINIsOnTop this weekend, where we were long overdue for some nasty weather like 2004. Visibility was almost zero, winds gusting to 60mph, wind chills at freezing (and I was in shorts). When I was affixing all the past MOT clings to my mini last week, I realized this is now my 7th MOT! Crazy. My MINI had a break last year, but was back on top this year, successfully braving the conditions.

I will eventually be posting my photos as usual, but I made a quick video to hold you over. The clips were taken at various moments when I realized photos could not communicate the extreme conditions; the near blind drive up and down the auto road, and the summit with winds so strong you could hardly stand on the rocks. The video is embedded above, or click through to YouTube to view in hi-def.

MOP Coming Soon

Posted on Tuesday 16 February 2010 at 1:05 am

While driving in Peabody this weekend, I noticed a “Coming Soon” sign for the new site of MINI of Peabody, and demolition of the existing property has already begun, so I stopped to snap a photo (above-click for larger).

It is right next to BMW of Peabody, directly across from the Northshore Mall on 114. If you think the one-direction-only access to MOP on Rt. 1 was bad before, prepare for it to be much worse. Not only can you not turn in from the other direction, but it is right in between two of the busiest intersections and the main mall entrance. I had to wait well over five minutes just to turn right out of the driveway thanks to non-stop traffic. Hopefully the back will be connected to BMW so you can exit from its driveway, which is just slightly better. Though the location is much more visible commercially, it doesn’t look like there are any real improvements as far as space or location. I guess we’ll see soon.