Josh Wardell's MINI
Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One is considered the ultimate in radar detectors. Another one of my gadgets, I consider it the nerd's detector as it is not only the most sensitive, but also shows you where and how many radars there are. Like all other electronic gadgets in my car, the V1 is direct wired (See my fusetap page) and more permanently mounted. This page is here to show how I have it mounted and my custom display.

The V1 is mounted by the rearview mirror, clipped and velcroed to the headliner:

I used the included visor clip, and added some "industrial strength" Velcro to prevent it from moving from side to side:

Wires are run at the top edge of my headliner and down the A-pillar, and I have the remote display mounted next to the tach:

I cut a piece of aluminum and attached it to the back of the tach by replacing the existing screws with longer ones:

To help decipher the remote display without taking my eyes off the road, I soldered various colored LEDs in place of the all red ones:

Replacing the surface mount LEDs is not for the faint of heart, but at least it is only in the $40 remote display and not the expensive V1. The LEDs were replaced with similar 1206 SMD LEDs (search at Digi-Key). The red coating over the holes must be scratched away from behind. I may consider also changing the strength meter as well.


updated 1/11/07 ©Josh Wardell