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+ Welcome! April 9, 11:02pm

  Welcome to TECHrants! This site exists to discuss current technology in the hopes to advance and improve upon it. Please refer to the About page for more information.
+ DVD-Audio On 3-inch Disks April 10, 12:10am

  We should all be aware of the upcoming format(s) to replace the Audio CD, namely DVD-Audio and Sony's Super Audio CD. These formats introduce some much-needed improvements, including higher resolution (192 kHz/24 bit), multi-channel sound (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc), as well as other features such as included music videos. These will be on higher-capacity DVD media. After compression, this new format allows DAYS of music on a disk, far surpassing the previous 75-minute limit. READ MORE
+ Recent PalmOS PDAs April 10, 12:25am

  Over the past few weeks our beloved Palm V has been replaced as well as gained some competition. Handspring introduced it's Visor Edge, Palm's V replacements the and m505, and Sony's new Clie. READ MORE
+ Where Your Power Comes From April 11, 9:55pm

  Today I received an interesting mailing from my electric company. It told me the source of my power over the past year: 2% Natural Gas, 22% Coal, and 75% Nuclear. What's even more interesting is the amount of waste produced at those percentages per megawatt-hour (about four months for me): 512lbs of CO2, and only 0.0046lbs of nuclear waste! This really illustrates the benefits of nuclear power. So why is it being phased out? I hate politics.
+ Playing .mp3s At Home April 11, 9:45pm

  It has been amazing to watch the .mp3 format unfold in front of me, from a small underground trading community to hot-selling name-brand commercial products. And now big companies are selling mp3 players for your car and your pocket. But we're still lacking a practical player for where we listen to music most: on our home stereo. READ MORE

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