Commuting in the Snow

Last friday was one of several snowy commutes that I’ve had in January, and I realized my normal dash mount allowed the iPhone’s camera a view of the road. So I recorded a few clips, if you feel like experiencing the crawl of traffic with me.

The video was shot vertically in portrait mode, as my iphone normally sits there running INRIX Traffic while driving. I was wondering what effort I would need to go through to rotate and crop the video, which is beyond the capabilities of iMovie on the computer. But a new free iPhone video editing app just came out that allowed me to do so very easily: Splice. In fact I’d say it is easier to use than iMovie for iPhone. Sadly it is currently prone to bugs and crashes (you MUST add transitions to get around export errors). But the price is right, and I’m sure it will be improved soon. It’s great to be able to shoot and edit together clips without ever leaving your phone-in fact 720tube lets you upload in full resolution, so there’s truly no need for a computer.

Posted January 26th, 2011 in cars, iphone, tech, video.


  1. Ian C.:

    But invisible on iPad!?

  2. Josh Wardell:

    Strange, looks like this used an alternate embed code from youtube and it wasn’t displaying for iOS. I changed it to the iframe code used in the previous video post, and it is displaying now. Ah, now I know: since I generated this entire post from the iphone, I just used the embed code provided to me when uploading, which is the old incompatible format.