Beer #2: Oktoberfest

My second batch of beer came out right on target. The box originally given to me at Christmas by my parents with the rest of the starting equipment, I chose to brew this more valuable kit after I had my cheaper first batch done.

I replaced the included Ale yeast with a Safelager packet as my temperatures were in the lager range, and it bubbled away happily for almost two weeks. the result is a full 4% clear amber and full flavored lager. Taste is a bit of citrus and bread, and very drinkable. Very enjoyable to drink the first bottle on this unusually warm sunny day!


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Posted March 18th, 2011 in beer.


  1. Nancy:

    What a perfect day to enjoy your brew! Love the glass!

  2. Samantha Godin:

    Oh Hun. I can’t wait to try. Love the picture of the glass and bottle