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John and Anna’s Wedding

Anna and John got married last weekend at the Commandant’s house in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Click to view my photos.

I always thought I would be too busy to bother taking photos at a wedding of a best friend, but I decided last minute to bring the camera along to capture some of the fun moments that are missed by the photographer and forgotten the next day. Despite being a spectacular fun time that seemed like it needed to keep going for five more hours, I had several opportunities to grab the camera and take a few quick shots. Most shots are with Olympus E-P1 and Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 lens, without flash. No video, but Craig did catch a small sample of the action!

…and now Abby has started posting the wonderful official photos on her blog!

Old Trolley Line

Last week I had a chat with the Dig Safe guy, who has been very busy on my street marking for all the construction as well as water main replacement. He pointed out that some of the markings were by the T, as shown above. They are only a few feet in front of our house, coming from the rotary and straight up the street. I thought I would do a little investigating to see why.

After some internet research, I discovered a trolley ran along my street. Horsedrawn when installed in 1885, but these wires have been around since the early 1900’s when it was electrified, running from Sullivan Square to Malden. The trolleys ran until 1947 when it was converted to a “trackless trolley” electric bus in 1947. The overhead wires were pulled down in 1959 with the construction of I-93 and the giant rotary and street realignment. The trolley is now known as T bus route 101, which I ride quite often!

Thanks to Medford Historical Society and Medford Historical Commission.

Posted from Medford, Massachusetts, United States.


A new web site called Mapnificent lets you see how far you can travel by public transportation in a certain amount of time. Simply drag the pin and move the time slider. I made a quick animation above showing 15-30 minutes from my home; Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville are easily accessible. This also illustrates a point that I’ve always made: the Charles River is a big divider, most places are more like ovals stretched in and out toward boston, and not a short distance north and south.