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The Google Latitude iPhone app recently updated with more efficient battery usage while running in the background so I’ve been running it this week to see how well it works. Impressively I barely notice a difference to my battery life most of the day when I am at home or work, Google must slow GPS updates when it knows I haven’t moved for a while. On a computer, you can search your history – the photo above shows my activity for the last few days. Unfortunately the iPhone version still does not have auto-check in. It sure would be nice for it to automatically check you in not only on Google but Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, and the rest of them. It’s all just another not very useful but fun feature of Google/iPhone.

Beer #2: Oktoberfest

My second batch of beer came out right on target. The box originally given to me at Christmas by my parents with the rest of the starting equipment, I chose to brew this more valuable kit after I had my cheaper first batch done.

I replaced the included Ale yeast with a Safelager packet as my temperatures were in the lager range, and it bubbled away happily for almost two weeks. the result is a full 4% clear amber and full flavored lager. Taste is a bit of citrus and bread, and very drinkable. Very enjoyable to drink the first bottle on this unusually warm sunny day!


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